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Wedding and Bridal Styling

I don't want to start telling you about this experience without first congratulating you!

Taking the big step with your partner and formalising your love is a beautiful step in any relationship, and I wish you all the happiness in the world for the rest of your lives. 


I know how excited you are about your wedding, and I can only imagine how nerve-racking it is to find the perfect outfit for you on your special day. Your wedding day will be one of your life's most important and beautiful days—a day full of illusion and sharing your love with your family and friends. 


It is a big day in which you want to feel represented with the outfit you wear, which often becomes an added pressure to all the preparations for your wedding. Therefore, I would love to be your wedding stylist and help you reveal the most authentic version of yourself on your wedding day.


Bride Personal Styling

Now that you have said yes, I do, and that you will be the main protagonist of the big day, you need an outfit that reflects you hundred per cent, that brings out the best version of yourself, reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable. This is perhaps one of the essential points when choosing what to wear for your wedding day because, as Iris Appel said, "If you are not comfortable, no matter how well-dressed you are, you're not going to look right."

I would love to have an initial conversation with you to meet each other and understand your likes, your personality, or what you would like to transmit with your image on the big day- among others.

Together we will find the outfit and accessories that best represents you and in which you will shine.

Groom Personal Styling

You will also be the day's main protagonist; therefore, you should feel comfortable and authentic with your wedding outfit. Grooms are sometimes expected to keep with tradition. However, nowadays, we have multiple options to choose from and make that outfit entirely to your liking.


This moment of your life will be saved in your retina but also in many photos that will last a lifetime, and when you look at them after a few years, you will like to see that the outfit you chose was the right one.

With this experience, I will make choosing the outfit for your wedding fun and easy. I will help you capture part of your personality and make the best choice considering your tastes, the venue and the bride's outfit.

Image by Taylor Gray

Bridesmaids Personal Styling

One of your best friends is getting married and has asked you to be her bridesmaid? How exciting! There is nothing more important for a bridesmaid than to match the style of the bride while at the same time standing out with her special personality. But if you're still looking for the perfect outfit your friend wants you to wear on her wedding day, this is an excellent opportunity to work together.


I will help you follow the indications that the bride has suggested and find the perfect outfit with which you shine as the ideal guest, adapting it to your tastes and style, always taking into account the dress code that marks the wedding.

Bestmen Personal Styling

Are you one of the groom's best friends but need help figuring out where to start looking for his wedding outfit? Not to worry - I can help! 


The figure of the best man is significant on the wedding day; you will help your friend with many tasks throughout the day and accompany him during the ceremony while respecting the event's dress code. So it is essential that you feel confident and authentic with the outfit you choose to wear on this special day.


After knowing what you are looking for, I personally will make sure we find the right pieces to wear on the day according to what the goom asks you. 

Image by Jakob Owens
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