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Oxford Personal Shopper

Personal stylist with her client showing clothes

Every time you go shopping, don't you know which clothes to choose? Or which are the ones that best suit your body shape? Did you finish buying over and over again the same clothes you already have in your wardrobe?


The personal shopper experience in Oxford will help you find the clothes that best suit your body type, lifestyle, and budget.

The Personal Shopper Oxford experience includes:

  • An initial telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.

  • Previous research of the best location depends on your needs and budget.

  • Up to 3 hours of shopping together.

  • The knowledge and tricks to understand how to make the most of your purchases.

With this experience, I will help you to bring out the best image of yourself. Together we will find outfits in which you feel authentically comfortable but without sacrificing style.

I will help you to find the best clothes and accessories that suit your lifestyle and how to get the most out of them without making too much effort. This way you won't have to worry every morning thinking about what to wear, because everything you have in your wardrobe will make you shine.

£180 *

*The time of the service would be up to 3 hours

Are you looking to gift a Personal Stylist Oxford experience?


Let me know! I have available personalised Gift Vouchers in which you can write your own message and occasion.

How it works the Personal Shopper Oxford Experience

Personal shopper looking at clothes

To begin with, and before starting the personal shopping, I will have a call with you. We will chat about what you are most concerned about when you go shopping, what you find challenging to find, what styles you would like to incorporate into your wardrobe, your lifestyle and style needs or what you would like to get out of this experience - among other things.


After this call, I will get to work with all the information you have given me. I will look for the best brands that offer the garments and accessories that best suit your needs and budget. I will research Westgate Oxford shopping centre and Bicester Village to let you know which of those locations are the best option for you. Having done this work beforehand will make shopping more enjoyable, smooth and stress-free.


On the shopping day, we will start with a coffee; finally, I will meet you!

I will give you a preview of how our day will be and some of the outfits I have thought of for you.


Then we will start our tour of the different shops. 

I will tell you which clothes suit you best and why, as well as the colours that bring the most light to your face or which ones are best to avoid. Besides, I will show you how to combine each of the garments and how to use accessories with your outfits to give them a more sophisticated and stylish touch.


At the end of our session, I will make sure that you know all the tips and tricks you need to get the most out of each of the garments you have purchased and that you know how to make the maximum possible combinations with each of them.


After this fashion styling experience with me, your mornings will be much better without having to think about what to wear.

Locations for Personal Shopping in Oxford

Considering all the information you provide me in our previous call, I will research the best location that solves all your needs. 

I work in Westgate Shopping Centre for those who want to buy high street and mid-end garments, but if what you want is to buy luxury clothes and accessories Bicester Village Outlet will provide us with the most exclusive brands at incredibly reduced prices.

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What My Clients Said

First class styling service

Working with Maria was a great experience. With our first consultation call, she took the time to get to know me and what I was seeking to achieve.


Maria then designed a personalised, four-hour shopping trip with me that maximised our time and the stores that we visited. Maria's ideas, feedback and advice were invaluable.

I would definitely work with Maria again in the future.

I had a great experience with Maria

I had a great experience with Maria. The outfits she chose fitted the remit perfectly. I found Maria extremely professional and very approachable. A great stylist.

It was fun shopping with Maria

She knew her stores and the styles they offered; taking me to the best possible match.

Maria was encouraging but never pushy. I have already recommended her to friends in India who come often to London.


[email protected]


07783 985823

Monday - Friday

10am - 6 pm

Saturday - Sunday

10am - 2pm

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