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Plus Size Personal Shopping

Every time you go shopping, do you find it challenging to recognise which clothes suit your body type? Or do you find it difficult to find modern garments with youthful vibes?

The plus-size styling experience will help you find the style you feel comfortable with; this online service is designed for women between sizes 16 and 24.

The Plus Size Personal Stylist experience includes:

  • A video call to meet each other and understand your needs and desires to perfection.

  • 3 Outfits, including clothes and accessories.

  • A personalised presentation with the selected items.

  • The links to the clothes and accessories I selected.

  • A second video call to explain how to combine and style the different items to make the most of them.

The lack of diversity and inclusiveness in the fashion industry has been in the spotlight for years. Sadly, it is now impossible to ignore the inequalities in the sector.

Although there are significant advances and the industry is becoming more and more globalised, it is still challenging to see plus sizes in shops, and when we do find them, we can see the patterns are not made for real plus-size bodies.


However, the good news is personal styling is for everyone, no matter what your body type or what size you are; the important thing with this experience is to feel authentic and empowered in every garment you wear.


Terms & Conditions Apply


How it works the Plus Size Personal Shopper

We will start this experience by having a video call in which we will talk about your tastes, concerns, the kind of clothes you like, or your lifestyle, among other topics.


After this video, and with all the information you have provided me, I will search for the best brands that suit your needs, tastes and budget.

I will create a presentation with 3 different outfits, in them you can find clothes, but also accessories like jewellery, bags, or shoes. Each of these outfits will be personalised just for you.


Then, we will have a second video call in which I will explain why I have chosen each of the garments and accessories; I will also explain how to style each of the outfits and even how you can combine garments between different ensembles.


Finally, I will send you the presentation to your email; you can download it and have it always with you. It includes all the links to the garments and accessories so you can buy what you like the most.


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What My Clients Said

Highly recommend Personal Shopper

Had an amazing experience with Maria. My husband bought me a Personal Shopping Experience during lockdown.


We had a video consultation and Maria was so lovely and made me feel at ease.


Her wardrobe suggestions and story board were fabulous, she really listened to what I hoped to achieve and delivered it perfectly. I was super pleased with her suggestions that I bought all 3 outfits.


Thank you Maria for giving me my fashion confidence back.

Highly recommend x

Maria truly knows her art

Working with Maria was great fun and easy. I was a little concerned that we did this online due to distance and then the coronavirus - but it worked beautifully, and possibly better, as I had the privacy to change from outfit to outfit.

I enjoyed our time together immensely
and it was a huge boost to my confidence as you guided me through how to see clothes and my own figure properly.

The presentation you sent through is unbelievably simple
had I made my own notes it would probably have ended as a thesis
yours is so easy to see and navigate

Thoroughly recommend Maria

I thoroughly recommend María. I think she’s incredibly good value for money. She asked very good questions to understand what I needed. She is warm and friendly, not at all intimidating.


Her presentation was spot on: she kept to my budget and gave me lots of fresh ideas which still felt ‘me’. The pdf was great because I could easily click through to buy the items. In short, I am a very happy customer!

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