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Fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my mother took me to fabric stores, where I would touch all the rolls of material. I would see the colours, feel their textures and imagine myself dressing people in different styles.

Later, I began helping my friends and family, who would ask me for advice while we were out shopping together.
I finally decided to make my passion my career. I studied at university, eagerly learning everything about fashion, styling, colours, dress code.

It was everything I had imagined when I was young - and much more.

Since then, I have worked in the fashion industry in companies like Inditex, Reiss, or Lookiero, among others; in 2018, I founded Maria Personal Shopper, and I have been dedicated to helping each of my clients feel confident and authentic with their image.

As much as I love fashion, I care about sustainability and have decided to specialise in it. Climate change is a global problem, and I am willing to do my bit for this much-needed change.

There are several ways to battle this problem, for this reason, I invite each of my clients to understand what might be the best way for each of them to embrace sustainability.

I am dedicated to my profession and my clients, and I find it rewarding to meet the unique needs of their personalities, hobbies, families, jobs, and lifestyles through their wardrobe. I offer them the experience to find themselves through fashion and celebrate themselves through a personal style.

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