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How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe For Your Holidays

It's finally time to go on holiday, that moment we wait for all year long, and we need so much to take a break from work and the big cities that don't let us rest for a moment. But, before going, we have to pack our bags, we will need to keep in mind different aspects; the process of packing can sometimes be overwhelming because we do not know if we will need more clothes or what the weather will be like. We are so excited because we are going on holiday, but meanwhile so worried that we may forget something important. Have you ever felt like this? Well, then I have a solution for you!

Here are some tips for you to follow in order to make your holidays easier

1.- Choose your destination and the time of the year you are going. If you are going to a colder country, you need more clothes than if you are going to go to a warmer one. So you should better plan it before packing your bags. Also, take into consideration the seasons of the country you are travelling to. Maybe in your country it is summer, but in the one you are travelling in, it is winter, so bear in mind the weather you are expecting in your destination and plan if you need to be prepared for different weather occasions.

2.- Make a list of all the clothes you will need during your trip. It is not the same going to the beach as going to the mountain, so think about the activities you will do during your holidays to be ready for the occasion. This will help you greatly with not taking unnecessary things with you, and you won't forget anything.

3.- I suggest you think about accessories; you know these ones can completely change an outfit, and you will be able to make the most of every garment you take with you, using it for different occasions. Depending on your destination, you may need sunglasses, a hat, scarf, sandals, boots… Also, make a list of the shoes you will take with you, and pick comfortable items; the latest thing you want is to be uncomfortable during your relax time!

4.- Now that you have finished your preparations, it's time to pack your suitcase, be careful with how you fold your clothes; it is essential to follow some steps to ensure your clothing is not creased when arriving at your destination. Here is a video to guide you on how to fold and put your clothes into a suitcase.

These tips are great for getting ready for your break, but would you like to know how to create a capsule wardrobe for your holidays? Come on, let's continue!

Vacation capsule wardrobes are so helpful it leaves room for a few garments that can be used for different purposes in different locations.

From going to the beach to having dinner out in a nice restaurant, all we need are a few items that will fit into our luggage along with our basic essentials.

If your wardrobe consists mainly of neutral colours, then it will be easier for you to choose matching outfits when you are on your trip. Choose neutral colours that look good on your skin tone and adapt them for different situations. But, If you are missing a touch of colour, play with the accessories; you can put a pop of colour on them and make the outfit look more attractive.

In this blog, I will show you how you can build a holiday capsule wardrobe and ensure you have all you need for your holidays. Or, if you need a hand with it, I will be happy to help create the perfect capsule wardrobe for your next holidays.

1-. First of all, you need items that combine as much as possible with each other. That is the primary key to saving space in your suitcase, packing fewer items and having multiple options for each outfit. The main purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to have a few garments but use them more times.

Investing in staple pieces that you can use both on holiday and during the year will be great to increase your whole capsule wardrobe. That way, you will have a versatile wardrobe that can adapt to different occasions.

2-. Second, when your garments are plane, the number of combinations you can make with them is higher than the items with prints. So find the balance between patterns and plane colours. I know during summertime, it is more thrilling to wear colourful or printed garments than in winter. Still, instead of matching different prints, you can mix different textures so you won't lose that fun part. Just make sure that those pieces are neutral so they would go with everything.

3-. When you think of a capsule wardrobe and what to wear on your holidays, the most asked question is how many pieces you need. Well, this depends on how many days you are going to be away. Here are some examples of items you need for one week and two weeks trip:

If you are going for one week, you need:

  • One jacket,

  • Three tops

  • Two bottoms

  • One dress/skirt

  • Two pairs of shoes

  • One bag

If you are travelling for two weeks:

  • One jacket

  • Five tops

  • Four bottoms

  • Two dresses/skirts

  • Two pairs of shoes

  • One bag

To ensure you have all the outfits you need, I recommend putting them on the bed before packing them in your suitcase and making different combinations.

Look at all your options and pack the clothes you think you would be wearing more during the trip. Some days you will need to feel comfortable, and your outfits can be more casual. Another day maybe you want to dress up a bit to go out for dinner in the evening or for a walk through the city, so plan everything you need to make it easier. But, don't give space to those "just in case"; they take up space, and you never get to wear them.

Doing this exercise will ensure you have enough clothes and you won't have to worry about finding something to wear daily.

To don't panic during your holidays thinking about "I do not have anything to wear", write a list of the outfits you made at home, so it is easy to remember the combinations you thought about for your holiday days.

Also, consider that an outfit can be worn for different occasions depending on the accessories you wear with it; so that you may have with just one piece multiple outfits to wear, as well write it down in your list, so you do not forget.

I put together an example of one summer capsule wardrobe holiday to take with you. All the items can be combined with each other.

You can use the blue shirt alone as the main top or unbuttoned as a cover-up at night when it gets a bit cold over any of the other two tops.

Moreover, any of the tops can be mixed and matched with any of the bottoms, a classic pair of short jeans that never get out of trend are a must in all the summer wardrobes plus a fluid light long trousers, they will help you keep you warm at night.

The dress is the perfect piece to dress up or down super easy, just by changing the shoes. It is essential for going out in the evening and during the day, combined with a straw hat, perfect for protection from the sun.

The bag is a classic simple one that can bring elegance to the look but is also comfortable to wear crossbody and to use it when back from holidays in your day to day.

Finally, go for a comfortable pair of sandals or sneakers to walk around the city or villages you visit all day and on the eve for a fun dinner out.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your holidays and that you have a great time!

Do you need a hand shorting out your holiday capsule wardrobe? There are many options that can adapt to your style and your trip.


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