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What To Wear With A Leather Jacket - A Guide For Men

When it comes to menswear, the leather jacket is one of those timeless pieces that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether you're looking to make a statement on a night out or just want to stay warm while looking stylish, a leather jacket is a perfect choice. Not only is it stylish and versatile, but it's also a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

But what do you wear with it? The great thing about the leather jacket is that it can be worn as part of a casual or formal look, making it a versatile piece for any wardrobe. The golden rule when it comes to wearing a leather jacket is to keep it simple and let the jacket do the talking. You can choose a neutral colour to complement the jacket or patterns if you are more adventurous. Neutral colours such as black, blue, and white always look best with leather jackets but don't be afraid to experiment with different colours.

As the weather starts to cool down, it's time to start thinking about adding some new layers to your outfits. If you're in need of a stylish, versatile jacket, a leather jacket is a great option. The great thing about a leather jacket is that it's comfortable to wear and extremely versatile. You can wear it over a t-shirt for a casual look or a shirt if you want to dress it up a little. Leather jackets are also very on trend at the moment, so it's a perfect time to buy one!

If you need a hand finding the perfect one for you, I will be so happy to help you with it.


There are three things you need to consider before buying a leather jacket to make sure you make the right choice.

  • The first thing to consider is the colour. You can either choose a classic colour like brown, navy or black or go for something a little bolder like khaki or light blue. Choose a colour that will compliment your skin tone and personal style.

  • The second is the fabric; there are two different options to choose from, suede and real leather. If you decide to go for a real leather jacket, make sure you treat it with some leather conditioner to keep it in good condition and prevent it from stretching over time. Real leather is expensive and hard to look after, so make sure you're really prepared to care for it properly before you spend a lot on it. If you prefer the look of a suede jacket, apply a waterproof protector to help preserve the fabric. Suede is less durable than genuine leather and more easily damaged, so ensure you protect it as much as possible!

  • And the third one is the style. There are many different styles and designs of leather jackets available, so it's essential to choose one that suits you and your lifestyle. If your style is casual, I recommend going for a biker or bomber style, but if you want to dress it up, there are formal and more classical cuts that will suit you better.

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If you don't use leather because you are vegetarian, vegan or just you do not want to support the leather industry there are also options for you.

You can use synthetic or natural fake leathers like Piñatex, AppleSkin or polyester that look just as good and are much more sustainable for the environment. Some people also opt to research thrift stores to find a good used leather jacket that still has a lot of life left in it. So it will always be an option for everyone!


But what should you wear with a leather jacket? Here are a few ideas to help you style this classic piece:

1- Jeans and a T-shirt. This is a classic and easy way to wear a leather jacket. Just throw on your favourite pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt, and add the jacket on top for an instant cool factor.

2- Chinos and a button-up. For a slightly dressier look, try pairing your leather jacket with chinos and a button-up shirt. This look works great for a night out or a more formal occasion.

3- A sweater and boots. If it's cold out, layer your leather jacket over a cosy sweater and pair

it with boots for a stylish and warm outfit.

4- A hoodie and sneakers. Try pairing your leather jacket with a hoodie or sweatshirt and sneakers for a casual, laid-back look. This is an excellent option for running errands or hanging out with friends.

No matter how you choose to wear it, a leather jacket is a must-have in any man's wardrobe. So go ahead and add one to your collection, and see how it transforms your style.

If you need a hand finding the right one for you, let me know, and I will be so happy to help you!

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