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Stripped T-shirt, The Historic Garment We All Own

Who doesn’t have a striped t-shirt in their closet? Some may even have different versions, with short, three quarters or long sleeves, with a V- or round neckline or various colours such as navy blue and white (the most classic) or black, red, yellow…

It is a garment with a lot of history; it began in 1858 when in the Official Gazette of the French navy, they imposed the striped sweater in winter and the t-shirt in summer as a uniform for sailors.

Over the years, Coco Chanel was in charge of taking this fashion out of the army and got the ladies of the 20s to wear striped t-shirts, an act of provocation for the time, since they began to remove the corsets that oppressed their freedom from the Belle Epoque. As often happens with fashions, the garment rested in closets as soon as its use stopped giving a provocative message. But later in the 50s, stripes came to Hollywood to stay, and since then, this type of t-shirt reigns in our wardrobes.

The striped t-shirt is a basic that is never lacking in a wardrobe, regardless of the style you have, from the most casual to the most sophisticated, the striped t-shirts are always present.

When spring arrives, it seems it is a garment that we can not renounce. We can combine it in a thousand ways, with jeans, suit pants, skirts, denim jackets, blazers or trench coats.

These three outfits that I have created are perfect for this spring-summer season:

For the first one, I have chosen a yellow striped t-shirt, one of the season colours, a khaki jumpsuit with a belt at the waist to flatter our shape, which has a lovely fabric ideal for the hot weather. I have combined it with a denim jacket, another wardrobe staple, espadrille sandals and a raffia bag to match the jumpsuit.

I wanted to play the second outfit with neutrality, choosing grey and black tones to accompany this t-shirt with puffed sleeves that will look incredible if you have a triangular silhouette. I have combined it with straight-cut trousers that taper at the ankle, a biker jacket, a pair of trainers so you don’t lose comfort and a bag with studs that will give it a rocker touch.

For this third and last outfit, I have chosen a V neck polo t-shirt with an elegant touch, combined with jeans that we all have in our wardrobes and a flowy blazer; with this choice, you will not renounce to comfort either sophistication. Finally, I have opted for a touch of colour, which will magically transform your outfit.

Of these three different outfits that I have prepared today, which of the three do you like the most, have you ever used any similar outfits?


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