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How To Organise Your Small Wardrobe

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, and you don't know what to do to keep it tidy and be able to see every single garment?

Many people with this problem need to do a wardrobe review.

The accumulation of clothes over the years means saturation of the wardrobe and does not let you see all the clothes you have. So the first thing I advise in these cases is to break down laziness and set a day when you have time and desire to review each of the clothes, shoes and accessories you own.

Sometimes, we don't even know where to start decluttering our wardrobes. The good news is that I dedicate one of my experiences to this problem that so many people have. With this experience you don't need to do it alone, if you want to do it with me, I will help you in the most effective way to resolve all the wardrobe challenges you are facing.

But if you would like to do it by yourself, to make this process easier for you, I have a few key questions that will help you understand if you should keep the garment you have in your hands and use it or if it is better to get rid of it.

5 Questions to ask yourself to make your wardrobe review easy

  • Is the garment in good condition?

It is the first thing you will have to ask yourself. It means that the fabric has no holes or does not look old or faded. This tends to happen a lot with white coloured garments; after many washes, they tend to have a greyish or yellowish tone.

  • Does the garment need any alteration?

Make sure your trousers are the right length. If you've slimmed down but don't want to get rid of that unique jacket you have, take it to a tailor, they'll know how to make it look amazing on your silhouette again. If you have a garment with a rip, ask the tailor if they can fix it. You bought something that needed an alteration, and you haven't done it yet; this is the perfect time to do it.

  • Have you had a garment for a long time and don't wear it?

Analyse why and find a solution. Sometimes it's because you bought that garment without trying it on before, and it didn't fit as you expected. Other times it's because it needs an alteration, but you haven't had the time to do it. Other times it's because it's not your size, but you keep it just in case it might fit you again one day.

  • Is it a garment that suits your body type?

On numerous occasions, we have garments that, although we like them on the hanger, don't suit our body type, so in the end, we don't like them, and we don't wear them.

  • Is it the right colour for your skin type?

Have a look for colours that give you luminosity and enhance your skin tone, eyes and hair. Some colours suit us, and others don't. Try to avoid colours that dull your skin tone, accentuate dark circles under your eyes, or make your skin pale.

With these 5 questions, you can better know whether you should keep the garment or get rid of it.

If you decide to get rid of it, it doesn't mean you have to throw it into the bin, it could be a garment that is still in good condition but simply doesn't fit in your life anymore, so I encourage you to sell it, do clothes swaps with your friends, or donate it to a charity.

Once you have reviewed each of the garments in your wardrobe and decided whether to keep them or give them a second life, you can get down to work and organice your wardrobe.

Is it better to hang or to fold?

The first thing to do is to think about the space you have.

Depending on whether you have a lot of drawers or more hanging space, one or the other will be better.

  • Jumpers

Thick jumpers are usually very bulky and fill a lot of space if you fold them, so I advise you to hang them but consider the hangers. If you use thin ones, these can be deformed, so wooden hangers will be the most suitable for this garment.

Thin jumpers are easy to fold or hang depending on your space; if are going to hung them, you do not need to use think wooden hangers as I recommended with the thick jumpers, you can use thing ones to save space.

  • Shirts and Dresses

They are better to have them hanging; normally, they are garments that wrinkle easily, so having them hanging will prevent wrinkles, and you will be able to have them ironed and ready to wear.

  • Trousers and Jeans

They can be hung up or folded, although I advise you to keep trousers that tend to wrinkle more on hangers and jeans folded on drawers. If you decide to hang all your trousers, these hangers will help you to take up less space, and you will be able to see them easily.

But if what works best for you is to have them folded, in the video below you can how to do it, and at a quick glance you can see all the trousers you have.

  • T-shirts

If you fold them, they will take up little space; you can use boxes inside your drawer to keep them tidier. To make sure they are all folded in the same way and have a sense of order, you can see how to do it and become a folder master in the video below.

  • Shoes

Last but not least and very important, don't put your shoes in the wardrobe. They are usually dirty from having been in the street with them, and the clothes in your wardrobe are clean, so they will eventually be affected by the smell of the shoes or the dirt from them. Instead of keeping them in the wardrobe (if you don't have a shoe rack), you can tidy them up under the bed by storing them in boxes or in another closet where you don't keep clothes. You can keep them in their original boxes, or if you don't keep them, there are transparent boxes where you can see which shoe it is, or you can print a photo of them and stick it on the box to make it easier to recognise them.

If you want your clothes to be folded and tidy I recommend you to watch this Marie Kondo video's. She is an expert in order so you can see how to fold them perfectly and save as much space as possible.

Do hangers ruin clothes?

When hanging clothes on hangers, we have to ensure that the hanger we use is the right one.

When the garment's weight is heavy, it is best to use wooden hangers, as they will help prevent the fabrics from deforming.

If the garment is light, such as a T-shirt, you can use thinner metal hangers to save space.

How to organise your wardrobe by colour

Once you have sorted your wardrobe by category (T-shirts, trousers, jumpers, etc.), you can sort it by colour.

There are two different ways to sort by colour:

  • The first one is by putting together garments of the same colour and then within the same colour from lighter to darker shades.

  • The second is from lighter to darker colours.

If you found this post useful, but still want me to help you with your wardrobe, I'd love to hear from you!


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