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4 Ways To Wear Trainers For Every Occasion

The truth is that I have never been such a fan of heels. When I was a teen, I remember that all my friends usually went out with fabulous high heels, and I could not take two steps with them without making a fool of myself.

Honestly, I was born to wear comfortable shoes, and now is one of my priorities when it comes to dressing. That does not mean that my style is casual or not put together; all the way around, I always find the way to dress up my outfits if that is what I want. But first, comfort!

And the most comfortable shoes to wear (from my point of view) are trainers.

My favourite ones are the white ones. I feel they are so versatile, effortless to combine with anything and make your days easy. Although it is true, it’s fun to put a touch of colour on them for some outfits.

I put together four outfits to wear on different occasions, and I am sure you can copy them with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

The first one is perfect for mornings school runs, so many of my clients are mums, and in this task of taking the kids to the school, they wanted to feel cool, stylish and put together while not losing an hour of sleep to get ready each morning.

In this proposal, I wanted to add a rock touch. The black jeans and the printed t-shirt together with the powerful burgundy biker jacket are just the perfect combination to don’t get dirty when your kids run to you with dirty hands and are very easy to stay trendy and relaxed.

The second one is to go with your friends for lunch. Most of the time, you would like a nice outfit without being overdressed but with a trendy touch, in which it seems that you have made an effort, but the reality is that it has taken you 10 minutes.

With this green dress and beautiful jewellery, you will achieve your purpose. You can add a belt to highlight your waist and flatter your silhouette.

The third one is for office or video call work meetings. The past years have taken away from many of us the desire to get dressed every morning. If it were up to us, we would stay in our pyjamas all day. Nobody will see us from the waist down, so what is the point to make an effort? In my case, I have realised that dressing every morning makes me more productive. So, these coated leggings, together with a cute printed blouse, will be the perfect combo to match with trainers and get the elegant and comfortable look to be in front of your clients!

The fourth one is for casual weekends. When the weekend arrives, all you want is to feel relaxed and comfortable, and what can be better to wear your favourite pair of trainers? For playing with the little ones of the house or having a long walk with the dogs in the park, these straight jeans that you can combine with the multicoloured jumper to keep you warm and an added detail with the textured belt is the ideal effortless outfit that you can wear for all your errands.

Do you like to wear trainers with all your outfits or do you prefer a more formal shoe?

If you need your outfits to be comfortable, casual but still stylish, but you don't know how to do the magic, I'd love to talk to you and help you with it.


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