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International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! I want to thank each and every woman in my life, especially the women in my family and my friends. But also to all my clients for being part of my day to day life.

I would like to use this day to send a message of self-love. Loving and accepting ourselves, our bodies will be the beginning of the revolution.

When women support each other awesome things happens, so let's encourage each other to be the best version of us.

Today I would like to remember some women who dedicated themselves, and some of them are still dedicated to the fashion industry who fought for change and who today we have to thank for having the freedom to decide what to wear.

Madame Pierre Gautreau

The aristocrat wore a dress that was not very accepted at the time in a picture painted by John Singer Sargent in 1884, which made her have to leave Paris because of the harsh criticism. But this was an introduction to the new woman that would come with the turn of the century.

A few decades later, in the same Paris that had rejected her, the "Roaring Twenties", which would bring about women's liberation, were being experienced.

Coco Chanel

Her trajectory made a total change from the traditional Belle Epoque style to a more straightforward, comfortable and informal one. She introduced the tailored suit into the fashion of the time, a revolutionary garment that left behind the corsets that didn't let them breathe. These changes that Chanel brought worked incredibly well with the social changes towards women's independence of the time.

Mary Quant

She created the "hot pants" and contributed to the popularisation of the miniskirt, which became a symbol of female emancipation in the 1960s. She was a designer who once again broke the rules and brought about a significant change in clothing at the time.

Carolina Herrera

Another empowered woman who at 42, did not hesitate to found her own brand. She made it clear that no matter how old we are if we have a dream to achieve, we have to fight for it.


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