Personal Shopper


Every time you go shopping, do you not know where to start looking for clothes? Maybe, because you don't know which are the best cuts, fabrics or colours that suit you. Or do you end up going back home with the same kind of pieces you already have in your wardrobe?  


The personal shopping experience will help you find your unique style in which you feel comfortable and authentic. 

I will research in advance the stores we will visit and the clothes I will show you on the personal shopping day, based on the phone consultation I previously have with you. 

This way, you will enjoy an effortless shopping trip, and together we will find the perfect clothing for your body shape, style, lifestyle and budget.

Besides, I will give you the knowledge and tricks to make the most of each piece you purchase and finally, you won't have the dilemma of what to wear every morning or see yourself constantly with the same clothes.

The experience includes:

  • An initial telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.

  • Up to 4 hours of shopping together.

  • The knowledge and tricks to understand how to make the most of your purchases.

£180 *

*The time of the service would be up to 4 hours